Ceiling Imagery

Look Up and Relax

ACEPT Pty Ltd are creating a growing collection of nature images for use in medical practices for relaxation purposes to help calm patients during their lengthy scans.  These images can be selected for print at large scale and installed as a back lit illuminated panel above the bed of your MRI or CT machine, you also have the option to create an image that cascades from the ceiling and down the wall.

Your options are not just limited to illuminated ceiling panels; ACEPT Pty Ltd can provide solutions to include high resolution, large scale images applied to acoustic walls, plasterboard and glazed walls at any size and shape you require. 

Conception and Planning

Selecting an Image

There are three main configurations of ceiling images available for MRI and CT Rooms: 6 Panel Rectangular, 8 Panel Square, and 9 Panel Cascading.  However, you are not limited to these configurations as we can customise to suit any array of standard LED panel size.

You can choose from our standard range of images available to licence that suit each configuration, or alternatively use our in-house photographer to create images based on your preferences. 

A commissioned image will generally take longer to acquire and there will be consultation and planning involved to create an image. The standard range of images have been captured, processed, and quality assured, ready to be printed immediately. 

Once you have selected an image, it will be proofed and checked for suitability with your room layout prior to print.

Capturing Process

The standard range of images have all been photographed, enhanced, and approved for high resolution printing.  You will find images of foliage and blossoms from around Australia and New Zealand in our standard range below. 

Commissioned images are generally reserved for the Cascading Style Images; however, we can customise a ceiling image of any size to suit. 

After deciding on the image scope and general location in Australia and New Zealand, our in-house photographer will scout suitable locations and research best times and conditions to shoot.  Ceiling images are composed to showcase the main subject while obtaining the best composition to give the effect of a canopy overhead.

Post Production and Proofing

Stock images may contain several images to maintain colour, contrast, shadows, highlights, and fine details.  Each cascading image generally consists of 20 to 100 images which are stitched using state of the art software to provide a distortion free vertical panoramic image.

Once the scene has been captured from all angles, the image files are uploaded and backed up prior to sorting.  Images are then edited to enhance the scene as needed before combing through to ensure there are no technical defects such as chromatic aberrations, ghosting, flares, and artifacts.   

Prior to printing you will be sent a proof image to approve before the image is sent to the printers.

Print and Delivery

When selecting an image, you are purchasing the rights to print a copy of the image, you will not receive a digital file unless it is in the agreement for a commissioned piece.

The final image is delivered and installed in your room as a complete lighting system. For MRI rooms this consists of MRI compatible LED lights, light boxes, and the printed image.

CT Rooms and other modalities are similar in installation using conventional LED panel lights.

Images are printed and applied to acrylic panels with a matte overlay to provide a durable reflection free finish.  Images in Australia are printed by on of Brisbane’s leading photographic printers, and we also work with local Sign Writers in Auckland and Christchurch for New Zealand projects.

Image Collections

Not sure if any of these images suit your taste?  Want something Exclusive?
Feel free to discuss your ideas and concepts and let ACEPT create an image for you.  Contact us.


Foliage 6 Panel 2400 x 1800mm

Foliage 8 Panel 2400 x 2400mm


Blossoms 6 Panel 2400 x 1800mm

Blossoms 8 Panel 2400 x 2400mm


Skies 6 Panel 2400 x 1800mm

Skies 8 Panel 2400 x 2400mm