MRI Customisation


  • Printed Walls
  • Acoustic Linings
  • Joinery

You can customise many aspects of your MRI room from choosing standard floor finishes, joinery colours, and acoustic wall colours to creating feature walls and full size printed graphics.  We can tailor the MRI room to suit your personal taste and personality.

  • Full size printed wall images on acoustic fabric; either choose your own image or have our in house photographer create something unique for you.
  • Bump rails in Tasmanian Oak timber, painted timber or laminate in many colours
  • The upper acoustic wall is constructed using a dense polyester fabric panel that comes in many colours; choose to use one or two colours or create a pattern using many
  • Joinery configurations can be customised to suit your needs
  • Vinyl flooring options including styles, colours, patterns, gauss field outlines etc