Modular Buildings

  • MRI & Radiology Suites
  • Electrical & Comms Shelters
  • X-Ray Containers

ACEPT has been involved in the design and development of modular transportable buildings for many different sectors, including medical, communication, electrical and mining. We have developed solutions for numerous applications, customised to suit individual client needs.

The requirement for a modular building solution is mainly driven by lack of space within an existing building; however, a modular solution can also meet a client need to easily relocate a service to an alternate site with minimal downtime.  We have installed many modular MRI suites ranging from single module solutions to 10 module self contained research facilities. With our team of designers we can provide a building solution specific to your needs. We are constantly adapting to new client requirements as technologies advance and equipment specifications alter.

Regardless of your Equipment housing requirements, ACEPT can develop transportable modular building solutions to meet your requirements including:

  • MRI Suites
  • CT and X-Ray Transportable Buildings
  • Modular Operating Theatres
  • Electrical and Communication Shelters
  • X-Ray Shipping Containers