MRI Installations

  • Architecturally Designed
  • Turn Key Solutions
  • Cost Effectiveness

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) produces 3 dimensional highly sensitive images that allow accurate diagnosis of varied nature, ranging from sporting injuries to a wide range of diseases.  In MRI, the strong magnetic fields are controlled and varied by the gradient coils and with radio frequency (RF) stimulus, the response is recorded to produce high quality medical images.

For consistently high quality images MRI installations require a 'RF-free' environment within specified frequency ranges, commonly referred to as a ‘faraday cage’.  ACEPT have developed RF shielding applications that can be customized to fully utilize each individual site.

MRI is constantly undergoing technology upgrades, some of which require changes to the environment in which the MRI is situated.  ACEPT have actively kept pace with these requirements by developing and testing products from improved RF Shielding performance to Acoustic containment of MRI produced noise.

In recognizing the increased demand for integration of MRI's, ACEPT have in house architects and project designers to provide tailored solutions ranging from installations within existing practices to externally located self-contained modular solutions.  As planning and installation time is always critical to all MRI installations, ACEPT have developed a team that can offer and deliver complete solutions including:

  • Architectural designed planning solutions
  • Total project management “Turn Key” solutions
  • Minimisation of installation time
  • Cost effectiveness